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Marketing + Art Direction + Design

Sweepstakes: Micro-site, Email, Homepage Banner, T-Shirt Design

Moosejaw wanted a sweepstakes campaign to promote brand awareness and create interest. I was tasked with figuring out how the sweepstakes works, how to get people to enter it, and what the look and feel would be. I noticed their customer base were huge outdoor enthusiasts so I used the basic human urge to connect to nature to strengthen their ties to the brand to facilitate brand loyalty. Having customers send in a picture of themselves in a place that means something to them forges that connection to the Moosejaw brand. In return, Moosejaw can utilize the photos on social media to spread the word, especially if people are sharing their photos on their social networks. The imagery contains glamorous photography of the prize destination to entice them as well as educate while overlaying illustrations to keep the playfulness of the brand intact.

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