Welcome to Little Lime Creative - a full-service design agency owned and operated by me, Katy, Art Director and Graphic Design rock star. What separates Little Lime Creative from the rest? It's that splash of something extra.

Name Dropping

I don't mean to brag but (actually yes I do), here are a few accounts I've had the pleasure of working on.


Because I Can

All work and no play makes for a very dull creative day. I totally just came up with that. These are pieces I did just for fun because sometimes you need to design without being asked to make the logo bigger.

Yours Truly

The year I received my Bachelor's Degree is the year the economy tanked, 2009. I got laid off of my first three jobs out of college in a row due to this. Yeah not exactly what you expect after years of hard work and thousands of dollars spent when you finally get to hold that pretty new piece of paper in your hand. The most terrifying part was that my worst fear had come true, the fear of - now what? Up until you graduate there's always a clear path to follow. But what happens when the sidewalk ends and it's just a grassy plain?

I was unemployed for almost a year, applying to job after job, attending a handful of interviews when it dawned on me - I can't rely on anyone else for a job so I'll have to rely on myself. That's when I made Little Lime Creative. I thought I'd brand myself and start working as a freelancer. 

Within two weeks of putting up my site, I was called for three interviews and landed my first freelance gig for the international franchise, Zoup! Fresh Soup Company, that turned into a full-time job. I stayed there for a few years but decided I liked the freedom and flexibility of freelancing so I left to go solo once more.

Since I've been freelancing I've worked at ad agencies such as Campbell-Ewald, MARS, and Push22. I've also worked for a variety of marketing agencies and print shops as well. But I think the thing I value most about myself is my tenacity. When I want something, I go for it and most importantly I Don't. Give. Up. That's ingrained in me - it's who I am and how I work. If something doesn't work the first time I will find a way to make it work!


Super Cool Blog

Click below to check out more of my charismatic dialog and mind-blowing artwork on my 365 Creativity project, Inspiration of the Week, and other musings.


"Katy was responsible for all the creative and graphics for our brand marketing and franchisees' ads. She showed a very high attention to detail and kept the high standards alive during her time at Zoup!, we benefited from having her on our team. We were sad to see Katy leave and encouraged her to live her passion."

Richard Simtob

President, Zoup! Fresh Soup Co.


katy at littlelimecreative dot com