Mobile Design with Pixlr

Let me take a selfie! Before you start singing that song, no that's not what this piece of art is about. I did this because I wanted to explore using an app to create something digitally versus my Adobe programs.

It's no secret mobile design is huge, I've noticed mobile and social design is starting to take over the graphic design realm. What's more, it's getting cheaper and easier to do mobile and social design because of various websites and apps that allow someone without an art background to do them. A design that would take me (a professional with a bachelor's degree and several years experience) an hour to create, now takes the average Joe five minutes.

I used the app, Pixlr, on my android phone to create this through its Double Exposure feature. It took me about two minutes compared to probably fifteen minutes if I used Photoshop on my Mac. I think it turned out pretty well and might consider doing more of these as a collection.

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