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Hello and welcome to my little blog! Here is where I dedicate space to my creative musings.

As creatives, our brains function a bit differently than the rest of the world. If you've ever managed a creative vs a non-creative, you'll notice we're just a little special. Not in a bad way though! In a way where our brains take us to places other peoples' wouldn't necessarily go, which is a good thing. It's that part of the brain that allows us to do our job - think outside of the box. So if you're managing a creative for the first time and you're wondering why it's so different that's a great thing! That means that person is an asset to your team by being the person that thinks like no one else which means they can come up with answers to solutions like no one else.

And being creative also means we've got a lot of pent up creative juice to we need to pour into maybe a blog...see what I did there? That transition was as smooth as a banana smoothie. And like a smoothie, just sit back, sip, and enjoy the flavors of this creative blog.

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