Hartmann-Eton Center for Teaching and Learning Logo, Folder with Attached Brochure, Slip Sheets, and Business Card



Eton Academy opened a learning center as a special segment to their school. They needed a sister logo to give this new center an identity but still relate to the Eton Academy brand. Specifically, they wanted this logo to incorporate part of a plant because their Eton Academy logo is a tree, so the center would be a "branch" of the academy.



The look and feel is based solely around the students.


The center focuses on individual needs and not a "manufactured" approach to learning, so I created a craft feel (because crafts are individual and homemade - not manufactured) with a modern twist (to keep with their branding).

The "T" of CTL doubles as the leafy part of a fruit in that their teaching and learning center bares healthy fruit - aka healthy students, which is why the leaves are displayed on most pages.