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Feldman Auto
XD + Art Direction + Copy + Design
Vehicle Wraps

The client wanted to wrap their transportation vehicles to spread brand recognition. My task was to create a design on brand that would translate on ten vehicles ranging from smaller, compact cars to midsized SUVs and up to box trucks.

Feldman Auto needed a new website for their corporate brand, I was tasked with designing the website from the ground up. User experience was my main focal point in ensuring the site was easy to navigate.  Being that Feldman harbors so many car brands, I chose a neutral color palette with a nod to silvers for an automotive edge and kept the copy to a minimum but still incorporating the brand pride and friendliness. Visit to check it out.

The Super Bowl spot was created because people were associating Feldman with only the Chevrolet brand, when in fact they have over 12 car brands. I was tasked with mirroring the spot in the digital ad space. My challenge was how do we visually represent the spot which implements movement to showcase variety. My solution was to build one car with many parts.

Super Bowl Digital Ads
Website Design
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